LONCANI is the fastest growing beauty marketplace that aims to revolutionize the beauty market. Your listing is like your gig. So, you don't need to put adds on walls or in newspapers. Your online listing in LONCANI leads you to showcase your skills and expertise.

Online listing on LONCANI plays an essential role in the development of your goodwill. So, it is always suggested to perform exceptional diligence while listing your services and products. Your listings will raise your business in the digital world. Your descriptions will upraise your portfolio in ranking as well through SEOs.

Due diligence is always required while creating your listings. But, in the case of dissatisfaction, don't be upset. LONCANI provides you with an option to revise and edit your listings. You can make changes regarding everything, including addresses, titles, and descriptions as well.

How to edit your listings?

If you are willing to improve your listings by editing them, you can do it conveniently.
Login in to your account. On the left side, the main menu is visible. You can find the option "My Listing" there. Your listings are categorized.

Active: Your published listings are under the "Active" category. Whenever you click on active options, all active listings will appear.

Pending: Pending Listings are those waiting to be approved by the LONCANI Team.

Expired: Some listing will be expired depending on your listing package. Those listing will be moved to expired listings.

Click on the listing, which needs improvements. There you can find the edit option. By clicking on edit, you can edit and improve your listing.

You can improve your necessary information regarding your personal data like title, keywords and linguistic preference.

The second slab provides you a chance to relocate your address on the map. Similarly, you can also edit your data regarding showcase your work, descriptions, and pricing etc.

You can reschedule your availability according to your preferences.

After making all required changes with due diligence, you can click on the preview button. It will allow you to have a look at your listing and your portfolio as a client. In this way, you can have a critical look at how you present your service to customers. That's why it is requested to have a careful review before the final submission of your listing.

After having a review of your editing, the final step is "save changes." This one is a final step. After submission of saving changes in your listings, your listing will be published instantly.

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