We, at LONCANI, as a listing platform has designed our online marketplace to be as user friendly as possible for both beauty professionals and beauty and wellness shoppers. It is our goal to make shopping for beauty care treatment as fast and as easy as possible. Now that you have made your choice to be part of LONCANI, it is high time for you to understand your dashboard and the many features it holds.

After logging into your account, you will be greeted to your account's dashboard straight away. Your dashboard gives you an overview of what happened and the statistics with your listings.

Active listing: Refer to the total numbers of services, events or rent you have listed and appear on the platform.

Total views: is the total view of all your listing by users. How many times people have discovered your services?

Total reviews: you will see here the total number of reviews you've got for all your listings and products.

Times bookmarked: refer to the number of times many customers added your listing and services on their wishlist.

Recent activities: is about all the actions and events related to your listings.
Example: listing edited, listing published, listing bookmarked, new booking request on listing, booking cancellation and more...

Listing package: refer to your membership package or your subscription.

Below here, you will find the different contents that the menu holds.

Messages: The first we shall see is the Messages item on the menu. In this section, you will find messages from your listings and notifications to inquiries, bookings, and other noteworthy activities in our platform. You may reply to the messages of your customers in this section too.

Bookings: Next on the dashboard is Bookings. A summary of the bookings made in your listing is shown on this page. There are three categories of a booking, namely, Pending, Approved and Cancelled. In one glance, you can now see how your listing is doing online and the equivalent bookings made.

Wallet: Another unique feature that LONCANI offers is the Wallet menu. Here you can find the financial transactions you have made with the listing platform.

Among these transactions are the following options:

1. Withdrawal Balance - this is where you will find the financial transactions you have made in terms of withdrawal amount and the remaining balance.

2. Total Earnings - will show you the total earnings you have made over a period of time after you have provided your services to your customers.

3. Total Bookings - gives you the total number of bookings for your service made through our platform.

4. Earnings - will provide you with the total revenues you have made through our platform.

5. Payout History -and lastly, this is where you will find a detailed history of the payout you have made through our platform. Click on the Set Payout Method to set the preferred way to transfer your money from your account.

Listing Menu: Also, the dashboard is the listings menu. In this section, you can add your listings to the platform and also improve your listings to make them more inviting to beauty and wellness shoppers.

My Listings organizes your listings into categories they are:

  1. Active- your current listing that is active and can be browsed by customers.
  2. Pending - are listings you may have planned but have not yet finalized your package and content or a listing that is waiting for admin approval.
  3. Expired- are listings that have already expired the length of time provided by the listing platform according to your chosen package.

Review: To see the opinions of your beauty and wellness shoppers and check what they think of the services you have provided, the Reviews menu will give this information to you. This is one way to help service provider professionals improve their services even more by just looking into the reviews from past customers.

My Orders: It is good to note that with your professional LONCANI account, you can also shop from other stores. On this page, you will find your orders, and you can take actions such as Pay, View, Cancel, and Request Warranty.

My Profile: This item in the menu provides the professional service providers with the place to showcase your services in the most creative and inviting way for your future customers. This is where you can edit and improve your LONCANI listing profile. Add information about yourself. Don't be afraid to show-off!

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