Welcome to LONCANI! the beauty marketplace platform for men, women, and beauty professionals in Canada. LONCANI is an advanced search platform for local customers and travelers to shop for the best services of top rated professionals, salons, spas, wellness studious, and beauty care services with the convenience and speed of a click of a button.

Here is a video to guide you in creating and setting up your Loncani professional account.

To get started with LONCANI you will need to create and set up your own professional account. To do this, go first to “https://loncani.ca/”.


1. The URL will take you to our website.

2. From our official website you can now scroll down to see how LONCANI can work for you and to give you a quick sense of our services. Explore the page if you like. Then click the “SIGN UP” button at the top right side of the page. Get ready for the next step.

3. You are now on the registration page select “Sign Up” and click on “I am a professional” to be able to proceed to the account designed for professionals for listings, bookings, and other significant transactions.

4. Kindly provide the some needed information to be able to register as a user to our site. Fill in all the necessary information to proceed to the next step of the registration. When ready, go ahead and click "Register".

5. Congratulations! You now have a registered account with LONCANI. Once you have already registered and now have a working email and password for our site, you may now proceed to log in. Like all sites we remind you not to loose your details to our site including your password to be able to continuously access our service platform.


1. To log in to your account you will need to go back to the main menu and use your registered email address and password. Fill in the fields and then click sign in.

2. You will now be greeted to your official account where you can find the dashboard along with other pertinent menu items.

3. When you are ready, click on the button “Add Listing” at the top right corner of the page. You will be directed to the different listing offers that LONCANI can provide. You have three options to choose from. Select the best option that lines up with your business.

4. When you have made a decision on which package best suits the needs of your business, go ahead and check on “Choose this Package” or “Buy this package”. Scroll down near the bottom of the page and click the “Submit Listing” button for you to proceed.

5. The next step is to choose which kind of Listing Type you prefer. From the three types of listings that Loncani supports, click the icon that best represents your services.

6. Feel free to fill in all the necessary details related to your listing. We advise you to fill in all the details to ensure that the details of your services can reach your customers (e.g. Basic Information, Location).

7. A listing would be more attractive if you add photos of what you offer. Go ahead and add photos to the Media section to best showcase your listing. This is a good opportunity for you present your listing in a medium that everyone is familiar with.

8. You may now proceed to the rest of the details of your listings. Fill in the necessary information, “Details and Contact”, “Business Opening Hours”, “Pricing and Bookable Options", “Additional Important Information” or choose from the given categories to complete the details of your listing.

9. Be sure to click on preview to double check your listings and to add or change any information you might feel needs to be improved to make your listing more inviting to future customers.

10. If you feel that your listing is up to your satisfaction, go ahead and click "Submit Listing".

You are now set. Your beautiful listing should be ready for Loncani's verification. You are just a few hours away before your listing is live.


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